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For those travelers to Europe who have not yet experienced the enriching culture and the breathtaking scenery, combined with the peaceful environment and total relaxation that a European river cruise offers, well, all we can say is, once you try it, you will love it.

Welcome to our revolutionary floating hotel concept where your 12-hour days on a cramped motorcoach, packing and unpacking day after day, staying in a different hotel room every night while racing through 7 countries in 6 days, is now officially a relic of the past. We now have a much better idea.

We are able to offer you the opportunity to experience several countries in one program, to stay in the same comfortable cabin every night, to enjoy wonderful local cuisine, to shop for local specialty products and souvenirs, while doing so in a unique format that you will want to experience over and over again. But that's quite all right because we have plenty more rivers to show you.

Most of your sightseeing can be experienced from our comfortable lounge area with large picture windows or from the top deck of our 100+ passenger ships while relaxing in the sunshine, marveling at the scenery and breathing in the fresh air. This is the absolute best way to visit Europe, via legendary rivers like the Rhine, Danube, Rhone, Seine, Po and Douro that are the cradles of transportation, culture and history.

Plus, there is always an opportunity to go on specialized optional sightseeing excursions, city walking tours or just to take a stroll around quaint villages and historic towns after dinner. Every night, we dock in a different location that is nearly always within a few minutes walking distance   of interesting sightseeing, shopping or the local pub, where you can sample the regional spirits.

Contact us today through our toll free phone number, by fax, by email, or through our website, so we can send you along on one of our cruises, the true and affordable European river cruise experience.

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