Rhone River Cruises
Cruising through Provence and Burgundy


 Experience romantic Southern France and succulent French cuisine on a Rhone River cruise.

The Rhone is one of Europe's major rivers, flowing through Provence and some of France's most historic cities. Starting in the mountains of  Switzerland, the Rhone flows to the Mediterranean. Along its shores are some of France's best known wine regions.  The Papal Palace in Avignon, vineyards of the Cote du Rhone and the history of Arles all await you.

A Rhone River cruise winds through Lyon, noted for its amazing restaurants and  silk works. Then it travels through the heart of Provence with its excellent cuisine, ancient towns, fields of lavender and landscapes of Van Gogh.  Just before reaching the coast, It passes through the wild nature of the Camargue, one of the largest natural areas in Europe with wild horses and raw natural beauty.

Often, sailings of the Rhone are paired with sailings of the Saone River, which runs through the Burgundy region.

Take a Rhone river cruise through Provence. What a journey!

Rhone River Map

Rhone River Cruises
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Lyon to Martigues
2 Nights
Martigues to Lyon
3 Nights
Avignon to Lyon
3 Nights
Lyon - Avignon - Lyon
4 Nights
Lyon - Vienne - Lyon *October departure*
4 Nights
Lyon to Lyon
5 Nights
Lyon to Lyon * Theme Cruise: Hiking /April departure*
5 Nights
Martigues to Chalon-sur-Saone
6 Nights
Chalon-sur-Saone to Martigues
6 Nights
Burgundy & Provence - Avignon to Lyon (or reverse)
7 Nights
From the Rhone & Saone through Burgundy & Provence - Lyon to Lyon
7 Nights
Active and Discovery on the Rhone - Arles to Lyon (or reverse)
7 Nights
Cruise along the North-South Axis: Amsterdam to Avignon
9 Nights
Burgundy & Provence with Paris from Paris to Port St. Louis or reverse direction (2 nights hotel in Paris, 7 nights cruise)
9 Nights
Flavors of Burgundy & Provence from Côte d’Azur to Paris or reverse direction (1 night hotel Côte d’Azur, 7 nights cruise, 2 nights hotel Paris)
10 Nights
Colors of Provence from Paris to Barcelona or reverse direction (3 nights hotel Paris, 7 nights cruise, 3 nights Barcelona)
13 Nights
Rhine and Rhone Revealed 14-night cruise Amsterdam to Port Saint Louis (or reverse)
15 Nights
Rhine and Rhone Revealed (14-night cruise Amsterdam to Arles, 1 night hotel Cote d' Azur or reverse direction)
15 Nights
Grand France from Paris to Cote d' Azur (14-night cruise Paris to Arles, 1 night hotel Cote d' Azur)
15 Nights
Grand France from Paris to Avignon (2 nights hotel Paris, 14 nights cruise Paris to Avignon)
16 Nights
Ultimate France - 7 nights cruise on the Seine river, 7 nights Bordeaux cruise, 7 nights Rhone river cruise - Paris to Lyon
21 Nights

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